Benson's G Scale Train Layout


The Benson Visitor Center would like to Thank  the Union Pacific Railroad

Foundation for the grant to aquire the G scale Model train layout at the

Benson Visitor Center at 249 E. 4th Street in Benson, Arizona. There is

96 feet of track suspended from the ceiling of the Benson Visitor Center

at a height of 8 feet above the floor.

We would also like to thank our friends at Power Rail in  Monroe, Georgia

for their generous contribution of throttle and dynamic brake parts for the

Visitor Center's AAR Control Stand display.

We also could not have completed our AAR Control Stand display without

the donation of the 26 C brake parts from our friends at Multi Service

Supply Company in Leetsdale, PA

We would also like to thank our own local short line, The San Pedro and

 Southwestern Railroad. Our AAR Control Stand is an exact replica of their

EMD GP-30.

The actual "G " Scaled train layout is suspended from the Visitor Center

ceiling 8 feet above the floor and travels a total of 96 feet around the of the

Visitor Center. The AAR Control stand controls the throttle